Why choose the VAA? To get ahead!

Membership of the VAA gives you legal certainty in the workplace, allows you to plan your professional life and gives you an opportunity to help shape your working conditions. The association regards itself as a service organisation which is defined by its member-oriented approach. The services offered by the VAA are tailored specifically to the needs of its members, so the association can guarantee that members’ interests will be represented effectively.

Personal benefits:

  • Quick access to legal information, direct legal advice and legal protection
  • Information on all aspects of professional life
    • Cross-company contacts
    • Access to the VAA applications network
    • Attractive collaborations
    • Excellent value for money
    • Tax-deductible membership fee
    • Tax and investment advice on preferential terms

Collective benefits:

  • Interests are represented within the company and politically
    • Better working conditions for all employees

Who can become a member?

  • Employees in executive positions and other employees not covered by the standard collective agreement
  • Highly qualified experts
  • Young professionals with an academic degree
  • Students and PhD candidates in all fields

Information on membership in the VAA