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The VAA advises and represents its members throughout all the different stages of professional life – with quick, expert support that delivers great results. For instance, information is available to VAA members over the phone at any time. The association provides legal protection that goes far beyond the norm, plus it also checks contracts, negotiates with employers and conducts lawsuits. It ensures that members benefit from above-average terms in the event of severance payments.

VAA lawyers are experts in labour law and boast extensive knowledge of the industry: they have an insight into the individual companies, as well as their structures and idiosyncrasies. Armed with this knowledge, they know exactly what can be achieved. Members of executive committees, works councils and supervisory boards also benefit from their wealth of experience.

Whether the matter at hand relates to severance pay or a warning, a cancellation agreement or employee inventions, a non-competition agreement or notice of termination: the VAA lawyers provide objective advice, plus they are independent and can warn against any unnecessary lawsuits. Indeed, lawsuits are not always the most economically sensible solution in labour law. But when push comes to shove, everything from test trials through to action before the Federal Constitutional Court is also possible with the VAA. This allows legislator errors in labour, tax and social law to be rectified if necessary.

Legal enquiries can be submitted to the legal service in an email to, by calling +49 221 160010 or by sending a fax to +49 221 160016.

The VAA offers quick answers to frequently asked questions on the basics of German labour law. Furthermore, the VAA has published a number of informative pamphlets on various legal subjects. Although this information is a useful source of help, it can never replace full-fledged legal advice from the VAA lawyers if problems arise. Certain pamphlets are available for visitors to download from the VAA website. The full range, however, can only be accessed by VAA members who have logged into the member platform MyVAA (MeinVAA – available only in German).

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A note on waiting periods

New VAA members must observe certain waiting periods before they can use the legal service for the first time. The waiting time for legal advice is 1 month after joining the association, whereas it is 3 months for legal aid (out-of-court representation vis-a-vis the employer) and 6 months for legal protection (in-court representation). Please see our legal protection guidelines for more details.